Buy-Sell-Trade or Consignment

Buy-Sell-Trade or Consignment

Buy-Sell-Trade or Consignment. We buy and trade guns every day, and we can usually make you an offer depending on the gun's condition, current market demand, our current inventory, and other factors. With regard to buying or trading, we will always need to see the item in person in order to offer the best deal.  Establishing values cannot be done over the phone or via in-store conversation without the gun being present.  

We also offer a consignment program for selling your firearms. This program is often the best way to get the most out of your guns without dealing with the risks of selling them yourself and being assured that whoever buys your consignment firearms are legally able to do so.  

We charge a 20% consignment fee. Please recognize that once a gun has been consigned to us, a background check must be run by the TBI before you will be able to take it out of consignment.  Therefore, your ability to take your consignment firearm with you is contingent on approval by the TBI and payment of the state's $10 fee.

All online sales will not include Sale Tax. All Tennessee Resident will be charged the standard Tennessee State & Local Sale Tax Rate of 9.25%.

Lay-Away and Out-of-Stock Orders. In situations where a potential purchaser needs to put the firearm on a lay-away plan or requests the dealer to place an order for an unusual item. The FFL may choose to run a background check before the order is placed or lay-away accepted. In either case an additional transaction must be run at the time of actual transfer. A separate fee will be due for each transaction. Background check  is a $10 fee.